Electrical engineer – Internship leading to a fixed-term contract


OnePower Benin is looking for an electrical engineer to design and install solar power plants for the electrification of villages in Benin. OnePower Benin, an independent startup, has been selected as the preferred developer of photovoltaic solar power plants in Benin.

OnePower was incorporated with the mission to develop bankable Payable Solar (PAYG) mini-grids for community electrification and is currently implementing several mini-grids in rural Benin.

As OnePower electrifies villages with solar mini-grids, the electrical engineer will study, size, design, install and maintain medium and low voltage electricity generation and distribution infrastructure in accordance with applicable standards.

OnePower electrical engineers will collaborate with senior engineering staff, technicians and workers who will implement the power distribution systems as needed.

The duties of the Electrical Engineer include, but are not limited to :

  • Understand company policies and procedures that affect power distribution (placement of underground or overhead poles and conductors, MV/LV transformers, meters and junction box connection, grounding, overload protections circuit)
  • Design and review schematics and design drawings and confirm the viability of engineering systems with respect to the conditions of the site being studied.
  • Coordinate within company divisions the workflow, from procurement to transportation and placement of equipment on site
  • Comply with best practices, internal policies and external requirements (environment, occupational health and safety, applicable codes and standards)
  • Report to engineering/construction supervisors
  • Be familiar with the generation, detailed understanding of electrical diagrams of solar power plants.
  • Participate in and supervise work on solar power plants (including photovoltaics, batteries, a generator and the necessary electrical circuits and electrical networks) on a regular basis on construction sites, and for several days as needed in remote areas.
  • Troubleshoot electrical problems on company and customer equipment
  • Use sizing and planning software in the Python language.
  • Be able to imagine, design and implement solutions to the practical challenges encountered.

Required skills and experience :

  • Engineering degree in a relevant field in electrical engineering/technology/installation
  • Minimum 6 months of work experience demonstrating relevant assembly line work (must provide references)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English (and possibly several local languages)
  • Ability to understand, use, modify and write computer code (python).
  • Familiarity with computer hardware and software (computers, tablets, office software for data analysis and document generation)
  • Valid driving license

OnePower is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates.

To apply, send a CV, cover letter, certificates/transcripts/proof of education and a minimum of 3 references to darlina@1pwrbenin.com

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