Collaboration for rural development in Benin!

We are delighted to share with you an important milestone in our mission to electrify rural areas in Benin. OnePower Benin is proud to announce its collaboration with the international NGO TechnoServe for the development of productive uses. Together, we aim to bring about tangible and lasting change in the communities we serve.

A few days ago, a committee visited the very first village electrified by OnePower Benin, Samionta. Our goal goes far beyond providing electricity; We are committed to supporting the socio-economic development of these communities. During this visit, We had the privilege of meeting passionate entrepreneurs and aspiring local entrepreneurs. We took the time to assess their needs to better understand the training needed to drive their growth and success. 

It should be noted that since the installation of the solar power plant in Samionta economic activity has developed, there are now two refreshment stands, an ice cream producer, a mechanic, an incubator for chicken farming, a palm oil crusher for the village cooperative and an internet café in the process of being created.

We are honored to have been accompanied on this visit by the presidents of the ACFA (Communal Association of Women Farmers) and the UCPZ (Communal Union of Zobodogbme Producers). Their presence and commitment testify to the importance of this partnership for the inclusive and sustainable development of these communities.

We look forward to continuing this collaborative work with TechnoServe and our local partners to create a positive and sustainable impact in rural Benin.” Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming initiatives and how you can get involved in this inspiring cause.

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