Stage_Promotion of productive uses of electricity


Promotion of productive uses of electricity in villages in Benin

Context: OnePower is a company whose goal is to provide access to electricity to villagers in remote regions of Benin. In total, more than 80 villages (more than 200,000 people) are being electrified using micro solar power plants. In this context, promotion of the productive use of electricity (UPE) must be developed. This theme is quite broad and includes the understanding, identification and implementation of the different types of productive electricity use (UPE) which exist or which could be interesting in the future (economic bulbs, fridges, mills, internet cafes …). OnePower aims to help, train, and monitor the development of micro-enterprises using renewable electricity production by involving as many women as possible. To learn more about us, visit

Goals :

  • State of the art of productive use of electricity in Benin (UPE) including suppliers, aid, subsidies and partners.
  • Field studies to identify and understand the projects that are the most interesting economically, socially and environmentally.
  • Implementation of training courses (already existing or to be created) and monitoring of micro-entrepreneurship projects.
  • Analyzes and feedback to improve the implementation of PUE.


  • Ability to analyze collected information
  • Communication skills to share research results, lessons learned from projects, and to interact with different stakeholders
  • Sensitivity to social, egalitarian and environmental aspects to ensure that projects contribute positively to the community and the environment

Duration: minimum 3 months (field missions but possibility of teleworking for the majority of tasks)

Remuneration: 52,000 FCFA/month

To apply, please provide the following :

  • Cover letter discussing qualifications and availability time
  • CV including detailed description of role and responsibilities for previous positions
  • List of 3 references

Internship location: Bohicon

Send your file to

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